Raiding Code of Conduct

Table of Contents

  1. Required Mods/Utilities for Raiding
  2. General Raid Conduct
  3. Removal from Raids
  4. Raid Attendance
  5. Raid Selection
  6. Raiding Outside the Guild
  7. Mains Vs. Alts
  8. Looting System
  9. Caveat Lector
  10. Revisions

If you fail to meet any of the below requirements, you can/will be denied a spot in the raid.

These are the MINIMUM requirements to raid.

Required Mods/Utilities for Raiding
We are not here to debate the merits of the mods we use or do not use, nor are we here to argue the point with you on mods. If you wish to raid with us you will use them, period.

The following are required mods/utilities for all raiding players:

  1. Mumble is required for all members in the raid. You do not have to have a mic. You just need to be able to listen. When a Raid Leader is explaining the fight or a different strategy, please keep the channel clear so that everyone can hear. (Latest release)
  2. Deadly Boss Mods (Latest release) We require all participants to run the most up to date version of DBM.
  3. Omen Threat Meter (Latest release) or any other threat meter, if you can get by with the in-game threat meter more power to you. (We believe it is a DPS's job not to pull threat, you have been warned)

Raid Leader(s) required mods/utilities:

  1. World of Logs (talk to an officer)

Class specific mods (list will be updated as needed)



General Raid Conduct

  1. Do not spam Damage Meters during raids. If you wish to use them, please keep them to yourself or share them with those who wish to know readings in whispers.
  2. Raid invites begin 15 minutes prior to posted start time. If you're not there, your spot will be given to someone else. We start on time!
  3. Breaks will be given periodically during the raid. If you must go afk, please make sure your raid leader knows. Excessive afks WILL result in your removal from Raid. Unannounced afks will result in your removal from the raid and/or the raid roster.
  4. You MUST be properly geared, socketed, and enchanted for your role. Minimum requirements must be met to actually raid. Info on Minimum requirements can be learned from any Officer.
  5. You MUST have a flask(s), one that is suitable for your role. While some of the flasks are provided by the guild, it is best if you bring your own. We do have people in the guild that can make them. You MUST have enough flasks to last you the duration of the raid.
  6. BYOB! Bring Your Own Buff-food!
    While Feasts are usually provided. It is better to use your own food. There is no excuse for not having Buff-food; there are a lot of cooks in guild, which would be happy to make the buff food you need.
  7. Reagents (ankhs, candles, seeds, etc...) and Consumables (food, flasks, and potions) are required for raids. It is YOUR responsibility to attain them before Raid start.
  8. You MUST have money for repairs, and your gear must be FULLY repaired before you even get into the instance. While the guild does provide money for repairs (in the form of guild repairs) you are still responsible for any repairs required past your maximum daily allowance.
  9. You will ONLY get buffs before a boss. Do not whine about buffs during trash, the only ones that need them are the tanks! If you are missing a buff SPEAK UP, if you click ready on the ready check, you are ready for the pull.
  10. Let the Raid Leader lead the raid. They are not there for you to argue with about your spec, about how your friend's Über guild does [insert boss here], or how you feel player Joe in the raid is a n00b. They are there to lead the raid and successfully clear bosses/events. While we welcome your comments and thoughts, sharing them in the middle of the raid is not the place to do it. If you have someone to say or a suggestion, type that you wish to talk in Raid Chat. The Raid Leader will then let you speak. (Subject to Raid Leader approval)
  11. Most open raids are set up ahead of time by the player leading that raid. Space may be limited. We expect all players to understand that there are a finite number of slots in the run and that they may sit out a raid if turnout is high.

Removal from Raids
While we do not like to remove players, we do need to from time to time. Please realize that removal from the raid group has nothing to do with whether we like you--it is based solely on whether you can do your job and allow others to do theirs.

Players can be removed from the raid itself or the raid roster for any the following:

  • Consistent failure to announce your absences or consistently posting less than 8 hours in advance that you will be missing a raid. (only applies if you are confirmed/accepted for a raid)
  • Consistent low performance with no attempt to improve.
  • No drive to improve gear outside of raid dungeons.
  • Blatant disregard for the rules. Constant failure to follow instructions of the Raid Leader(s).
  • Showing up to raids with open gem slots and no enchants on enchantable items that could significantly increase your performance.
  • Showing up to raid without consumables (reagents, flasks, elixirs, potions, food, bullets/arrows, et cetera).
  • Having the persistent need to be a "backseat driver." In other words, you keep telling players how to do their jobs and sharing with us how your old guild, brother's guild and so on did things in their raids.
  • Displaying any behaviour that is counterproductive to the progression of the raid group.
  • AFK'ing with no mention of you leaving your computer. AFK'ing during Trash mobs is one thing, right before a Boss pull is another.
  • Not staying for Progression nights. Once in a blue moon you say you have to go, we'll believe you. You say it every time we get to a progression fight, you're not coming back.

Raid Attendance
It is expected that everyone will sign up as "Accepted" or "Declined". If you use "Tentative" do not expect to have a spot come raid day, as spots will be given to people who are "Accepted" first, than "Standby" (if any), than "Tentative". The sooner you know for sure, the sooner you should change your status. You are expected to attend raids you have signed up/accepted for and participate for the entire duration of the raid. Allowances/disallowances may be made by the raid leaders as they see fit. Members are expected to give notice for non-attendance. Repeated no-shows may result in removal of said character from the raid roster by the raid leader.  

Notice is defined as; talking to a raid leader and/or officer, four (4) hours before invite goes out. OR an in-game mail to the raid leader/officer and one other officer at least eight (8) hours prior to raid start. This is to allow time for the raid leaders to find your replacement. This is of course barring any emergencies that might come up.

Please remember the following:

  • If you're early. You're on time.
  • If you're on time. You're late.
  • If you're late. You're done.

The point of this is if a raid starts at 4:00pm server, you should be online, ready to go and at the instance portal by 3:45pm server. If you login after raid start and are not ready, you will not go. Even if you login even 5 minutes prior, the raid may be full. We often have a limited amount of time in the instance, so we want every minute to count.

It is your responsibility to be ready to start killing trash in the instance when the raid is scheduled to start. If you think you're going to be cutting it close, get your character ready the night before (Repaired, food, pots, reagents, ammo, etc..), leave it at the instance and let the raid leader know you might be late.

Raid Selection
Raid spots are given out to those signed up on the in-game calendar depending on the following:

  1. Class make up needed for that raid's encounters.
  2. Signed up on the Calendar (not by sign up time or order)
  3. Online and Ready for an invite prior to raid time.
  4. Slots will go to "Mains" before people are asked/allowed to bring in "Alts"

Signing up on the calendar does not guarantee a raid spot. It is a tool that allows us to know who is planning on being online and ready to go for raid time. Let's the officers plan ahead and get the ball rolling. It also lets the raid leader send invites from the sign up list which makes invites much easier. (This does not apply to set raids like Baddie Brigade or Third Time's a Charm, if you are a regular in a set raid you are pretty much are guaranteed a spot)

If people repeatedly sign up and don't show, they will be demoted and/or removed from the raid. If this continues, they will be under review for removal from the guild. If you are not fully enchanted/gemmed, don't have flasks/elixirs or food, you will get low priority for raid slots.

Raiding Outside the Guild
For instances we are actively running, we require that members do not lock themselves out by attending non-guild raids. With raids we are not actively running, you are free to and encouraged to raid on your own time.

Our policy boils down to not interfering with our raid progression. This means being available for raiding, and not being locked out.

Getting the gear to be able to attend raids is an obligation of the individual. Since the officers co-ordinate events they try to provide the opportunity for people to get geared, but in the end it is their own responsibility to do so. If you feel you are being left out of runs consecutively please talk first to your role lead.

Smilingjack/Mighella for DPS, Lokaas/Irenke for Healing and Maedea for Tanking. There may be an issue with gear/spec or even how you are playing your class.

Mains Vs. Alts
Players must declare which character is their main and which are their alt's. This is to facilitate progression raiding. After doing so, every raider must have a main talent specification. This is considered their Main Spec, and any other (whether Dual Specced or not) is considered Off spec.

exempli gratia wrote:

Main: Maedea Mainspec: Prot

Alt(s): Tridea  Mainspec: Marks


The officers might ask you to switch to your offspec (for raid comp or other reasons) at the beginning of a raid lockout, for this you offspec is now considered your Main spec for the purpose of loot unless your request otherwise. If it is only for one fight (I.e. Only need one tank on a fight), the spec you roll on does not change.

Changing your Main
You can main change only if you full fill the following conditions:

Your new main must be on par, or better, with the guild's current raiding progress. This is based on a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  1. Average gear score (from of the guild. You are allowed 100, give or take. (The higher spec gear is counted, not the lower spec regardless of main or offspec) Average gear score is currently: 4500
  2. The class and/or build where your new main is coming into is not closed for recruitment or overcrowded.
  3. You can only change main once per six (6) months. as an exception on this condition, in the case of a new expansion arrives.
  4. Officers decides whether or not you can change your main. Even if you full fill on the above conditions, the Officers can deny or allow the change independently from the above conditions.

Being an ALT is not based per account, but per player, so those families playing on the same account but different characters are treated as individual mains.

This policy is being put into place to address the gearing up of alts over mains, because it is not fair to your fellow raiders if you gear up your main, then decide "I want to gear up my alt too." Progression raiding is a challenge and we schedule the raids in order to experience the content, and help gear up guildies. We ask only that you abide our standard of seeing the entire raid be geared up before you even consider asking to bring your alt in to the progression raid. The more we gear everyone in the raid, the more the raid will progress.

Tribute's Looting System:

In a nutshell:

"Don't be a Greedy Bastard"

In depth

The Basics
Master Loot will be used throughout the Raids. Master Looter will tell you what you need to do to roll on any loot. Please only roll only if the item is an upgrade.

If no one wants an epic, it will be sharded and put into the guild bank. If there is no one in the raid able to shard, it will be sold and the money put in the GB. If it's a BOE epic, it will be put in the guild bank for purchase by alts. The Raid does not roll on shards or BOE that no one needs.  

Main Spec/Off Spec

In regards to Main spec and off spec. Main spec is what you came to the raid to do.

id est wrote:
If you came in as a healer, your main spec is healing.


BoE Recipe drops will be given to whoever has the profession and skill required to learn it. If no one exists, it will be put in the Guild Bank for future use.
BOP recipes can be rolled for by all crafter's in the raid who meet the minimum profession level to use the recipe. Including PUGs.

Toons rolling on gear that is their maximum gear type (priest/cloth, druid/leather, shaman/mail) will get priority over toons rolling on gear that is less than their maximum gear type. For example, a pally and priest may both roll on cloth for mainspec, but the priest's roll will get priority and trump the pally's roll regardless. This is not a separate roll, but a check performed when rolls are made.

Master Looter/Raid Leader has final say in all things related to Loot.

Caveat Lector
This is considered a "living document." Tribute reserves the right to modify it at any time.

Last updated:July 8, 2011 - Spelling and Grammar

June 30,2011 - minor edits, updated average gear score

February 13,2011 - Moved raid related entries in from the guild charter, other minor edits

December 8, 2010 - New Expansion

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